Sundri: The Brave Kaur”, is the 3rd animated movie from the producers of the highly successful “Sahibzadey” and “The Rise of Khalsa” movies. This latest animation from Vismaad is based on the highly acclaimed literary masterpiece by Bhai Vir Singh ji. The movie has received rave reviews and been successfully screened in Toronto, Vancouver, British Columbia, Calgary, Detroit, Fremont, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Scotland and many other cities.

Sundri’, the novel, was first published in 1898 and during the past 110 years, has become the most widely read piece of Sikh literature. While commenting on ‘Sundri’, the renowned Sikh scholar S. Jaswant Singh Neki writes: “’Sundri’ is Bhai Vir Singh ji’s most admired and poignant work. It’s popularity can be measured from the fact that Sundri become a synonym of his name and Bhai Sahib was commonly referred to as the “creator of Sundri”.
Sundri is about a brave Sikh woman who did not lament about her helplessness nor did she think her self as pitiable. She was a meek and vulnerable girl, but discovered her inert strength to fight against tyranny and injustice with the help from the glorious Sikh history, principled Sikh values & ethos and her valiant brother, Balwant Singh, who adopted the Sikh way of life to fight the cruel rulers of the times.

According to S. Jaswant Singh Neki, Sundri is a reflection of a new feminine power which absorbs its strength from the teachings of Guru Sahib and Gurbani. The immoral rulers in medieval India often abducted young Hindu girls and forcibly converted them into their religion to satiate their lust. The public at large was mentally weak and not able to fight against injustice. The Sikh way of life emboldened the society to fight against tyranny and injustice. It also instilled self-confidence in the women by restoring equality, dignity and respect for them. With ‘Sundri’, Bhai Vir Singh ji rekindled the latent spirit to awaken the nation from its deep slumber, enthused with new vitality and vigor.


The popularity of ‘Sundri’ is evident from the fact that in 100 years, 40 editions of the novel have gone into print. Today, due to a myriad of reasons, the Sikh nation again faces immense challenges in the new world. It is hoped that the animated movie based on Sundri will help Sikhs to reconnect with their unique and remarkable heritage in the same way as the novel has done for more than 100 years.

Sundri: The Brave Kaur
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